A fully integrated, high-performance platform

The Nuglif platform comprises a suite of simple, innovative and powerful publishing software and tools, specially engineered for adaptability to the existing resources of medium-sized and large newsrooms. It enables planning, creation, page layout, checking and distribution of rich, interactive digital multimedia publications for daily delivery on both iPads and Android tablets.

Tool for ensuring the quality of ads published in the digital edition.

Ad Preflight

Tool for processing and converting ads for publication in the digital edition.

Ad Encoder

Tool for planning and assembly of advertising and editorial content for the digital edition.

Edition Builder Edition Builder

Digital edition page layout tool.

Screen Editor

Tool for deskers providing in-context layout previewing, among other features.

Desker App

App designed for use by the general public, available from the App Store or Google Play Store

Consumer App

Measures ad impressions and generates reports for advertiser clients.

Ad Reporting Tool
Screen Editor Screen Editor

Tools adapted to the realities of leading professional newsrooms

The Nuglif platform is adapted to the workload and tight deadlines of newsrooms producing high-volume content on a daily or regular basis. It delivers innovative, modern storytelling options that meet the needs of today’s readers.

This easy-to-use, intuitive platform requires no specific technical knowledge, and no on-site integration or programming resource.

A customizable suite of software and tools that produces iOS and Android native editions;

An extensive range of storytelling possibilities enabling rich, highly engaging presentation.

A professional, WYSIWYG page layout tool that progressively displays the layout in real time on a tablet;

A platform adaptable to complex layout templates and rich, elaborate style sheets;

A platform that allows dozens of content creators to work on the same edition simultaneously.

Ad Encoder Ad Reporting Tool

Digital advertising reborn, for revenue maximization

The Nuglif platform completely reinvents digital advertising design and presentation methods, maximizing reader engagement and allowing publishers to set considerably high rates.

Ads published on the Nuglif platform benefit from the same narrative possibilities as editorial content.

Because these ads can tell a story, they convey exceptional depth, which prompts reader interaction. Publishers can thus opt for significant ad density without jeopardizing the news and information experience.

High-performance ad inventory, enabling publishers to grow their revenue per user (RPU);

Ads with the potential to act on all stages of the purchase process, and that are immune to ad-blocking software;

Ability to offer dozens of different interactions, plus a creative toolkit with multiple templates;

A quality-assurance app for ad materials.

Robust performance reports with a variety of indicators, including comparative indexing with other ads published;

Excellent recall and very high reader acceptance of advertising;

A platform that typically draws an attractive reader profile, younger than with print;